M Countdown Announced First-Half Rankings of K-Pop Stars




M Net’s flagship music chart program “M Countdown,” launched in July 2004, set the landmark frequency “300” in August 2012. M Countdown is the country’s only music program that still exists among the country’s music chart programs for eight years. M Countdown is shaped as a K-POP chart show that provides insight into the development and history of Korean music. M Countdown Chart shows what happened in Korean music industry for the first half of the year.

For three consecutive weeks, six K-Pop stars has dominated the highest rankings, all of whom stir up Hallyu worldwide. Big Bang has made comeback last March and immediately jumped to the top spot achieving “Triple Crown.” Super Junior has made comeback with ”Sexy, Free & Single,” topping the music chart for three weeks in a row. “Trouble Maker” and “TTS” showed another possibility as idol group. The project group “TTS” consisting of Four Minutes’ Hyun-ah and Beast’s Jang Hyun-seung won Triple Crown with the music of the same title, while TTS topped the music chart for three consecutive weeks since the second week of May that followed their debut in M Countdown. The rising stars show that the group activity is a key to the success of idol singers. In addition to this, girl groups such as f(x) and Infinite won Triple Crown with Electric Shock and “Fugitive.”

The first-half M Countdown chart is made up of various music genres such as dance music mainly involving idol groups, ballad, modern rock and hip hap. In particular, K-Pop stars like Busker Busker, Kim Dong-ryul, John Park and Dynamic Dhave has been among the top players in M Countdown. In particular, Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossoms Ending” has been among the top 10 songs for nine weeks. Meanwhile, Knell, which made comeback in four years, debuted in M Countdown with “Things left,” which was among the best songs of music chart program. It also instigated popularity for modern rock. Following Kim Dong-ryul, who was recommended as the candidate for best singer with title song “Replay” contained in his new album released late last year in four years, John Park has gained sweeping popularity with his debuting song “Falling” that was ranked among the top ten songs for 10 weeks in a row. 

Besides, hip hap group Dynamic Duo’s three songs like “Friday in flame” “From there to there” and “Until the sun rises” have been ranked among the top ten songs, stimulating popularity for hip hap songs. While the first half saw the rise of K-Pop stars worldwide, all eye are now on M Countdown which is expected to provide an in-depth look at the latest trend of Korean music show. .