You Did Great Job, Park Taehwan! Haetban Will Give A Treat!


CJ Cheiljedang’s instant rice “Haetban” promised to give KRW 70 million worth of prize money to Park Tae-hwan who won a silver medal in the 400m and 200 m freestyle final at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Such award is intended to celebrate Park Tae-hwan’s glorious victory that has been won in the 400m free style even amid the jury’s confusing decision that almost led Park to disqualify for the competition as well as in the 200m freestyle known as one of the fiercest swimming competitions.

The company’s promise like that marks the second since Park grabbed the top spot at the FINA World Aquatic Championship last year. At the time, the company pledged to provide Haetban with the star player for free while he was preparing himself for the Olympic Games. Vice President Kim Tae-jun said at Food Business Department of CJ Cheiljedang said, “Through the decision, we wanted to express our gratitude to Park, who serves as main advertising model for Haetban, for winning two silver medals and delivering pleasing news to the public. Even though he failed to grab gold medals, Park successfully won medals in two consecutive swimming competitions. We will fully support Park so that he can continue to show great performance in the international stage.”             

“Haetban” also carries out an event to wish Park’s winning medal in the 1,500 m freestyle to be held on Aug 3. Anyone who leaves support message to Park through Haetban twitter (@hetbahn) may have the chance to get “Haetban” as gift.  

Meanwhile, since the mid June, Haetban has carried out online event Lets Dance With Energy from Rice through website ( in the hope that Park, known as Haetbans advertising model and big fan, may win gold medal during the Olympic Games. The online event involving Parks exotic dance demonstrated through the latest advertising is enjoying growing popularity by drawing enthusiastic responses from more than 10,000 consumers. The event will provide pure gold medal and southeast Asia cruise tickets to the lottery winners.