CJ Cheilchedang launched the country’s first home-made meat broth “Dashida Yuk-su-myung-ga”



CJ Cheilchedang launched two types of “Dashida Yuk-su-myung-ga”, meat broth product free of any chemical ingredients and produced through the application of traditional meat broth recipe. The launch holds significance in that the company developed the home-made meat broth in the shape of gel rather than of seasoning to create new market in 37 years since it launched Dashida, the country’s first natural composite seasoning. The brand new product “Dashida Yuk-su-myung-ga” is expected to bring a sweeping change to Korean food that mainly consists of soup and stew.  

Dashida Yuk-su-myung-ga to be launched is the countrys first home-made meat broth product designed to produce meat broth only by boiling for just a minute. By leveraging the company’s knowhow accumulated through R&D, the researchers successfully condensed into gel the meat broth produced as a result of boiling strictly selected beef leg bones, beef and vegetables for more than five hours. In particular, the meat broth is easy to use and maintain and allows customers to easily prepare a meal because it is packed in the unit of a meal. The meat broth product is categorized into the one with rich flavor and mild one, both of which may be used to cook the rice cake soup, spicy sausage soup, (rice) porridge, steamed rice and white kimchi. The meat broth packages containing four and eight units, which are on sale in large-sized shopping malls, are priced at 3,400 won and 8,500 won respectively. CJ Cheilchedang is poised to create the market for “Yuksu (or meat broth),” differentiated from the existing market for seasoning, with the launch of Dashida Yuk-su-myung-ga.

Usually cooking Yuksu requires quite tricky procedures from preparing a big volume of beef leg bones and beefs to boiling them for hours and maintaining Yuksu. Given this, no wonder it is very hard to individually cook Yuksu (or meat broth). In an effort to assuage the difficulty, CJ Cheilchedang successfully developed the expertise to condense Yuksu, produced as a result of boiling beef leg bones and beefs for more than five hours, into gel. In particular, the researchers focused on differentiating gel-type Yuksu from compounds in order to maximize the flavor of Yuksu.

Meanwhile, Dashida, widely accepted as a pronoun for condiment and taking more that 80 percent of market share, has steadily evolved to meet customer needs. Following the launch of Natural Ingredients San-deul-ae, the countrys first seasoning product free of seven artificial ingredients, including MSG and nucleic acid that was developed to meet increasingly health-conscious customers needs, the company developed 100 Percent Wonmul San-deul-ae free of food additives, bringing sweeping change to the condiment market.

On top of this, the company launched Yuksu Myungga free of any artificial additives that serves as the basis for the Korean food in a bid to expand the market share. CJ Cheilchedang said, “With the growth of the unmarried population and double-income families who find it hard to cook food due to tight work schedule and the increase of Help and Healthy Premium Food Tribe, the demand for easier-to-cook and healthier food product is rising. Dashida Yuksu Myungga, developed to meet changing consumer trend, is expected to win growing popularity from consumers who find it hard to directly cook food but want to eat healthy and tasty food.”