Tous les Jour to Advance into New York, Manhattan, U.S.




The countrys renowned franchise bakery brand Tous Les Jour has opened the store in New York, the political, financial and cultural hub of the world. In doing so, the bakery brand plans to accelerate effort to expand the global business.  


CJ Foodvill CEO Heo Min-ho said, “Bakery Tous les Jour, a pronoun for healthy bakery, will open the store at the center of New York on June 22nd. “


The Tous les Jour branch is located in the 32nd Manhattan street, a few minutes away from Empire State Building and Broadway. In addition, the new store lies at the entrance of the citys largest Korean street featuring both commercial facilities and tourist sites nearby. In the city bustling with commercial activities around the clock, Tour les Jour plans to leverage business knowhow accumulated through business activities both at home and abroad and to attract local Korean residents, foreign tourists and even local residents by exercising outstanding quality of products and marketing tactics.


The Tour les Jour in New York, occupying the area of 232 square meters (about 97 pyung), reminds people of cafeteria. The atmosphere of the renovated branch, modeled after domestic branch, is bright and warm. The menus consist of favorite items such as cake, bread and beverage, which have been popular in domestic market as well.    

The New York store is the 18th store that Tous les Jour opened in the U.S. The branch takes on the form of affiliate, not the one directly invested by the headquarters. Tous les Jour signed an agreement in February with Choi Kyung-lim, who is the first-generation Korea-American and has pursued food service business for 26 years in New York. The company also plans to additionally open the store jointly with CEO Choi Gyung-lim in Union and Northern. On top of this, the company plans to increase the number of its U.S. stores to a total of 25 by adding branches in New Jersey, Virginia and Texas.         


A source from Tous les Jour said, “The New York store is placed in a very favorable condition and is expected to serve as an important base for franchise business in the eastern part of the country. Our crucial strategy will be to promote ourselves as very differentiated bakery that makes distinctly health-conscious choice of food ingredients. Such strategy will work well if it produces synergy with the Korean wave and the growing fervor for health-conscious lifestyle,” adding “We plan to leap forward to global market on the back of our knowhow accumulated in Manhattan business.”


Tous les Jour has also presence in the U.S., China, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. In May 2004, LA became the first U.S. market that saw the launch of the company’s branch in the U.S. After that, the company opened the store in Beijing, China, in 2005. In June, 2007, it entered Hochimin in Vietnam, and then became the first foreign bakery company to advanced into Manila, the Philippines by signing master franchise agreement with the local retail company in Dec. 2010. In addition to this, the company plans to enter Cambodia and Malaysia in 2012 by signing master franchise agreement with the local companies in the countries.


Following the launch of its New York store, Tous les Jour will have operated a total of overseas branches, including 18 U.S. stores, 11 Chinese stores, 15 Vietnamese stores, two Philippine stores and two Indonesian stores.  


In the U.S, the company is currently operating a total of 17 affiliate stores and one directly owned Garden Grave in LA since it launched the business in September in 2009.