CJ E&M, Signed Alliance Agreement with Kia Motors


CJ E&M, Signed Alliance Agreement with Kia Motors

CJ E&M’s Music and Video May be Enjoyed Fully.



Kia Motors and CJ E&M signed MOU titled “Allied Cooperation for Vehicle-IT Service and Marketing Sector” at Hyundai Motor Group’s headquarters building located in Yangjae, on June 13th (Wednesday), in the attendance of Kia Motors CEO Lee Sam-woong, CJ E&M CEO Kim Seong-su and other relevant business figures from the two companies.


The establishment of MOU will prompt the two companies to combine each other’s strengths such as vehicle IT and contents for the provision of optimized contents to customers. In addition, the companies involved will develop marketing strategy aimed at connecting disparate industries and joint branding to create differentiated customer value so that they can increase brand competitiveness.


Kia Motors CEO Lee Sam-woong said, “Vehicle’s indoor space, by incorporating mobile technology, is increasingly reconfigured as individualized and differentiated space, leading customers to enjoy brand new lifestyle. In order to meet the changing customer needs, we set an alliance with CJ E&M, which is expected to bring customers brand new values and differentiated enjoyment.”


The MOU mainly focuses on the two parties’ collaboration in service sector with regard to the provision of differentiated contents involving mobile and Kia Motors’ vehicle terminal platform and on bilateral cooperation in marketing sector in relation to marketing program planning and implementation aimed at producing synergy. For a start, Kia Motors and CJ E&M plans to launch “UVO Friends,” Kia Motors-specific smartphone app., and to provide Smart Music service in August. “Smart Music,” which set its platform on “Smart Radio,” customized internet radio service backed by driver information, is designed to limitlessly provide music service to customers by allowing them to choose preferred singers and genre or to configure music channel on their own based on weather, season and area. Using Smart Radio, drivers can purchase or save selected music, link the music to which  they are listening to SNS or create “social channel” containing a collection of favorite songs selected by people with common interest.


In the second half of the year, the two parties plan to launch smart vehicle featuring next-generation vehicle-IT platform embedded with Smart Music and Smart Media.


Through Smart Media, Kia Motors and CJ E&M will successively provide services such as downloading video contents with the use of Wi-Fi or 3G Network, video streaming backed by LTE and N-Screen service allowing customers to use identical contents through appliances and mobile devices until 2015. In particular, smart media services will focus on providing contents specifically customized on the basis of customer layers such as children and female, commuting, travel and other driving conditions. Beyond this, Kia Motors plans to provide its own contents. On top of this, the two partners will introduce and implement the sustainable and extensive marketing tactics to maximize synergy yielded through bilateral cooperation. What’s more, Kia Motors and CJ E&M launched KIA Cinema, the country’s first brand-specific movie theater, in CGV Cheongdam Cine Citi in December last year. In doing so, the two partners established brand new concept of cultural facility featuring a variety of amenities and visual programs.

Through the MOU, both parties plan to further strengthen cooperative tie and create differentiated customer value based on co-branding nourished by their own capability and brand image. CJ E&M CEO Kim Seong-su said, “We expect the combination of Kia Motors’ vehicle-IT prowess and CJ E&M’s various cultural contents to contribute to creating new vehicle lifestyle and culture. In addition to providing contents for vehicles’ indoor space, we plan to further expand the scope of our collaboration with Kia Motors in marketing.”