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Number of Applicants for Mnet’s Superstar K Season 4 Exceeded 1.8 Million Just in 105 Days!



Number of Applicants for


Mnet’s Superstar K Season 4


Exceeded 1.8 Million Just in 105 Days!




The number of applicants for Superstar K season 4, broadcast by Mnet, music television channel in South Korea,  passed the 1.8 millionth mark on June 10th (Sunday). Since Mar. 8th, the day when the music channel started to receive applicants for Superstar K season 4, an average of about 17,143 people per day submitted application form to the audition program for 105 days. This demonstrates that Superstar K has cemented the position as the most preferred audition program in the country.


As the number of applicants for Superstar K Season 4 exceeded 1.8 million, growing attention is being paid to whether the K Season 4 will surpass the level of popularity for Superstar K season 3, which last year received record high 1.97 million applications in the audition history of the country. The exact number of applicants for the season 3 reached 1.967262 million. If the upward trend continues until July 4th, the figure will likely surpass 2.2 million.


Mnet attributes the explosive growth of the applicants to sweeping popularity enjoyed by emerging stars such as Heo Gak, John Park, Busker Busker and Ulala Session from Superstar K in the first half of the year. Mnet said, “Given the record high number of applications received by Superstar K for two consecutive years, Superstar K is evolving into music festival that can be enjoyed by the public once a year from a simple audition event targeting the public. We deeply appreciate the public’s amazingly enthusiastic support for the program.”


A close look at the status of applications received so far shows that while male and female applicants account for 52 percent and 43 percent respectively, groups represent 5 percent. Of the applicants, about 43 percent applied for audition in Seoul. In addition, the number of groups that applied for the event reached about 90,000. As of June 11th (Monday), preliminary competitions were closed in Jeju, Gwangju, Wonju, Daegu and Incheon. Preliminary competitions will be held in Daejeon (on June 17th) and Seoul (on July 7th and 8th.) As for preliminary competition in overseas countries, it will be held on June 9th in L.A. and on June 10th in New York.


As the number of participants rapidly grows,  attention is being paid to whether juries such as Lee Seung-cheol and Psy will fulfill the so-called “2 Million Pledge.” The juries, in a Superstar K Season 4 press conference held in March, pledged “If the number of applicants for season 4 exceeds 2 million, we will climb Mt. Cheonggyesan with upper body being left naked.”


Superstar K Season 4 will debut on August 17th (Friday) after all of the preliminary competitions are finished in local areas. The deadline for application is set at July 4th.

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