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We will measure your Memory Quotient for you


■ Free Memory Quotient test through drawing for consumers purchasing CJ Nutra ‘Brainstein’.
■ Sold at a 21% discounted price until the end of this month



CJ Nutra Brainstein is putting on an event which will measure your Memory Quotient. .
This event is offered for customers who have purchased Brainstein through the website CJ on-mart (www.cjonmart.net) which is for the unified brands of the CJ CheilJedang Corp.  20 customers purchasing the product before the end of the month will be offered the national standard Memory Quotient test for free. .
The memory quotient is used to measure the brain efficiency when it comes to remembering.  The Memory Quotient is calculated based on how much the memory can recall after a person has been presented with numbers, words or complexly-constructed images,.
The event lasts until the 30th of this month and the winners of the drawing will take the Memory Quotient test on the 22nd of next month (July) at the CJ Human Resources Center near Chungmuro station. .
As another event to be sponsored simultaneously, products will be sold for the first time this year at a 21% discount. A one-month supply will go for KRW 148,000.  .
CJ Nutra Brainstein, out on the market May last year, is a product which can help renew the ability to remember things, and is recognized as a health food product.  The core ingredient of the fibroin BF-7 extract has been recognized as efficiently reconstructing the ability to remember by the Korean Food and Drug Administration.  When taken over a long stretch of time, the dying process of brain cells is suppressed and it ensures the continuance of renewal efficiency.

The fibroin BF-7 extract extracted from proteins of the silk cocoon was developed by the Rural Development Administration and university research institutions working in collaboration.  Selected as one of the ‘top 100 outstanding achievements’ of national R&D projects, the ‘fibroin BF-7 extract’ is a natural product that will improve national competitiveness.  As a result of the Memory Quotient of 40 high school students being actually tested over 4 weeks in 2004 by domestic medical universities, those who had ingested fibroin BF-7 extract had the effectiveness of their memory increase by about 20% from memory score of 100 to 121. .

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