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‘HaSunJeong’ opens the era of the branding of the


■ CJ CheilJedang Corp. merges packaged side dishes under brand name ‘HaSunJeong’ .
■ KRW 60 billion in sales in 2013, target is becoming the leading packaged side dish mega-brand


CJ CheilJedang Corp. has gathered all its packaged side dishes under the umbrella of the HaSunJeong brand in an attempt to apply a fundamental branding strategy to packaged side dishes.  The packaged side dishes of CJ CheilJedang Corp. had until recently come out under the two brands of HaetChan and HaSunJeong.  Some of the major companies are currently placing some of their kimchi and pickled vegetable products under a single brand, but in unifying all its packaged side dish products under one umbrella, CJ CheilJedang Corp. is the first to publicly declare packaged side dishes under one all-inclusive brand.

The one brand of HaSunJeong is to be reserved exclusively for the packaged side dishes of CJ CheilJedang Corp. as a way of standardizing its offering to consumers of 5 kinds of side dishes and 35 types of salted food products, while at the same time preserving the flavor and quality of homemade side dishes. The 5 types of side dishes are beef in soy, pork in soy, quail egg in soy, dried radish slices and seasoned sesame leaves. They contain almost no preservatives or MSG. The main salted side dishes, such as sweetened radish and pickled radish, also use all Korean ingredients, no artificial coloring agents, etc. in order to differentiate themselves from existing products.

Because of changing customs, the demand for ready-made side dishes by consumers has been increasing and the marketplace for side dishes has grown to a size of KRW 380 billion per year, of which the market for B2C products for consumers excluding cafeterias and restaurants was KRW 100 billion per year.  Recently the market for side dishes is growing in a similar continuous-growth manner as are those of instant and processed foods, which also put convenience ahead of other things and have a bright future, as well. 

Until now, the domestic side dish market has been led by ‘GyeGunRyu’ side dishes rather than ready-packaged side dishes. Simply speaking, ‘GyeGunRyu’ side dishes refer to the type of side dishes that are weighed and then purchased by consumers at outdoor food markets, side dish stores and discount stores, etc.  It has been difficult to standardize the flavor and quality of the various recipes as stores and marketplaces selling the GyeGunRyu side dishes had their own recipes.  Also, systematic verification of the safety of the food is in practice difficult.  This is a realistic problem and sales suffer every time an issue arises about the safety of the food.  For this reason, it has been pointed out that there is a growth limit of the side dish market led by GyeGunRyu side dishes. Against this background, CJ CheilJedang Corp., by unifying its brand names, is expressing its intention to make of HaSunJeong an exclusive side dish brand and the era of a fundamental side dish brand is expected to open in full scale.

CJ CheilJedang Corp. has taken the position that in order to secure growth of the market for packaged side dish, thorough food safety management is a priority.  While going through the unifying of the HaSunJeong brand, they have made an initial capital injection of 500 million won and constructed a side dish production line. Even in the case of OEM products they are expected to work the safety standards of HAACP into the m

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