The CJ Culture Foundation opens the creativity spa


Artistic circle of Korea in need of continuous and substantial support for creative activities .
The CJ Culture Foundation opens the creativity space CJ azit for young artists.

■ CJ azit, a 2-level composite space opened on June 12 in Gwangheungchang for development of art works and showcasing the stages of development .
■ 7 creative support programs with a maximum support of KRW 30 million for a single work of art.
■ Stages until December 28, an opening performance of diverse genres, such as dance, theater and music, etc.

The CJ Culture Foundation has continuously supported the discovery of creative artists. This year, on June 12th, they will open the CJ azit in Gwangheungchang, Mapo-gu (near Hongik University) to provide further impetus to its support for young and creative performance artists.

Instead of making a stock approach to supporting creativity, CJ azit will offer realistic support and systematic programs to give artists what they really need.  It is an opportunity to strengthen the foundation of domestic and creative artists.  Providing space for and a program offering support for creative performing artists will help young artists develop new works of art, provide support for and showcase works of art in various stages, and will allow the developed works of art to be made available on a larger scale outside of Korea.

In lieu of concerns over stage and seating procurement, CJ azit is striving for a space where the general audience can see the creative process in motion, thereby providing a space for performers to communicate with the general public.  This type of approach helps performing artists to look at their own works of art in a new way and the audience to enjoy performances in a closer way. 

CJ azit is proceeding with programs which support creativity.  The first of these is ‘Dongsangimong’ (2 things similar in appearance actually being very different on the inside) which allows artists to treat the same subject material as they please, and to uniquely express and follow their unique intuition. The second is ‘Dandojigip’ (taking the direct approach) which is an impromptu program for performances that change every time they are presented. The third method in which CJ azit supports creativity is through workshops and a variety of creative works to be showcased in what is called Ilchwiwaljang (slow, steady progress).  Fourth is, for the benefit of artists or for ideas for programs solicited from the audience is called Hwangdangbalchik (outrageously rude).  All in all, the programs which support the artists will take the 7 forms, and in addition to the above 4 there are the programs of Yuyusangjong (related and associated), Yeingyeju (an artist’s relay), and Hwaryongjeomjeong (the finishing stroke).

Also, the CJ Culture Foundation will offer support to the maximum of KRW 30,000,000 per a piece of work.  The support provided will depend on the scale and size of each work of art, the required performance area, the development of the work, stage construction and publicity, etc.  

Applications for support by artists are expected to be accepted both offline and online at all times, for whenever the artists need support.  

Heo In-jeong, the Director of CJ Culture Foundation said, “We are an organization supporting young performing artists and we have accumulated experiences doing so through such events as the CJ Young Festival.  We have opened CJ azit to offer more positive and continuous support foryoung performance artis