The best and the largest movie theater - Enjoy CGV


■ Offering 10 screens and 2,141 seats with Starium Hall of the largest screen in Asia and Cine de Chef, the premium movie theater.
■ Inviting 10,000 people for free previews to celebrate the opening together with showcasing of the movie, ‘Shadow Murder’

‘CGV Centum City’ with the largest screen in Asia that measures 27m sideways is due to open in March 3. Located on levels 5 ~ 9 of Shinsegae Centum City Department Store in Haeundae, Busan, ‘CGV Centum City’ is directly connected to subway line 2. The scale of movie theaters alone (17,190m2) is the largest within the region.


With 2,141 seats in 10 theaters, CGV Centum City offers ‘Starium’, the super large-scaled digital theater. Also, Cine de Chef, the premium movie theater, will be introduced in Busan for the first time. As such, CGV Centum City will bring great satisfaction to customers with the differentiated and unique facilities and services of CGV.


‘Starium’ introduced in CGV Incheon for the first time in Korea is a digital movie theater that offers super high-resolution of 4K. Using a 4K digital projector, Starium will offer high-resolution pictures that are 4 times clearer than those shown by the general 2K digital projectors.


In particular, the super-sized silver screen measuring 27m  11.5m as the largest in Asia fit to show cinemascope movies is the highlight of the theater facilities. The wide screen and 11.1-channel 3D sound system delivering even the most delicate sense of direction will provide customers with realistic enjoyment never to be experienced in the general 4-channel movie theaters.


Cine de Chef, the premium movie theater to combine a movie theater with a restaurant, is also a pride of CGV Centum City. Since first showcased in CGV Apgujeong in May 2007, Cine de Chef has been solidifying its position as a ‘premium brand’ movie theater. Through opening of the second store in Busan Centum City, Cine de Chef will lead the new trend of movie theaters in Busan.


It is also noteworthy that the range of selection is wider in comparison to Cine de Chef in Apgujeong. The price range has become diversified from KRW 45,000 to KRW 105,000 per person to enjoy premium cooking over a movie. The menus include a wide variety of dishes from steak to seafood together with beverages. There will be two theaters of Cine de Chef, each of which consisting with 30 and 64 seats, will be operated. This will make it more convenient to cater for various events through theater rental.


CGV Centum City is organizing free previews to celebrate the opening. On the 3rd and the 4th of March, CGV members will be given out free tickets by order of arrival at the lobby of CGV Centum City from 10 in the morning. The previews will show 15 movies including the popular films of ‘Transformer’ and ‘Yes Man’ together with the soon to be released ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ and ‘Friday the 13th’.


“Everyone is invited to have great time in CGV Centum City that offers the best and the largest facilities,” said Manager Joh Seong-beom of CGV Centum City. “CGV will rewrite the history of multiplex theaters in Busan, the city of movies.” .