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Gochujang sale ‘firing up’ thanks to Japanese tour


■ CJ Haechandle Gochujang, increase in sales by 89% from last year in stores located downtown Seoul due to visits by Japanese tourists .
■ New product launch in March targeting Japanese tourists by assigning Japanese-speaking MDs

As the exchange rate between Korean won and Japanese yen reaches the highest point of 100yen: 1,600won, the count of Japanese tourists visiting Korea is explosively increasing. In January, 237,192 Japanese tourists visited Korea. This was 44% of all entrants in the same month and an increase by 55.6% from the same period last year. In addition to tourist and hotel industries experiencing a boom despite the depression thanks to expenditures made by Japanese tourists, distribution stores, such as department stores and large shopping malls in commercial districts in downtown Seoul are concentrating on marketing for Japanese tourists by running tourists’ shopping zones and assigning Japanese-speaking sales staffs, etc. 


The representative product that is receiving great popularity is Gochujang’. As a traditional food item of Korea, Gochujang is low in price and is the representative of Korean food culture, therefore is popular as travel gifts among Japanese tourists visiting Korea. CJ Haechandle is enjoying drastic increase in Gochujang sales in large stores located in downtown areas of Seoul due to the rapid surge of Japanese tourists in the recent times. The Haechandle Gochujang sales in January from 3 large distribution markets in Seoul with high level of visits by Japanese tourists, such as Lotte Mart Seoul Station, Lotte Department Store and E-mart Yongsan, increased by as much as 89% compared to last year to record the highest figure of increase in history. These stores sold KRW 25.29 million of Haechandle Gochujang in January last year. However, this figure increased in January this year by almost 90% to KRW 47.91 million as visits by Japanese tourists became frequented to buy this product as travel gifts. In particular, Lotte Mart Seoul Station with the highest level of visits by Japanese tourists recorded increase in sale of tube-type Gochujang by astronomical 325% in comparison to the same period last year.


‘Haechandle Taeyangcho Gold Tube for Travel’, which is popular among Japanese tourists as a gift item, is conveniently portable as 3 of 70g tube-type products are contained in a small box. While the consumer price in Korea is KRW 4,600, Japanese tourists can purchase this product at almost half the price due to the exchange rate that rapidly increased recently. So, this product is being popular as a practical travel gift or souvenir item. Based on this popularity of tube-type Gochujang, CJ Cheil Jedang is due to launch ‘Haechandle Tube-type Beef Gochujang’ in early March by targeting Japanese tourists. Noticing that Japanese customers who are not familiar with Gochujang recipes can easily use this product mixed in with rice, CJ Cheil Jedang is preparing a variety of sales promotion activities, such as marking product name in English and Japanese and producing publicity materials on product description in Japanese, etc.


CJ Cheil Jedang is also strengthening marketing activities to make the most use of the special demand by Japanese tourists. For sales activities targeting Japanese customers, Japanese-speaking MDs are assigned to the fermented sauce section in Lotte Department Store and Lotte Mart Seoul Station, the central commercial district frequented by Japanese tourists. Also, customers will be assisted in making selections by placing recipe cards and POPs in Japanese. CJ Cheil Jedang is also designing gift

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