‘Hello TV’ subscribers exceeding 700,000


█ CJ Hello Vision securing 700,000 subscribers of ‘Hello TV’ to strengthen the company’s position as a digital broadcasting leader.
█ Real-time digital broadcasting to lead competition in paid broadcasting market by securing the largest number of subscribers in the industry


Subscribers of ‘Hello TV’, the interactive digital cable broadcasting of CJ Hello Vision, have exceeded 700,000.


CJ Hello Vision announced that, as of the 17th, the subscribers of ‘Hello TV’ were 700,295 and that the company has secured the largest number of subscribers in Korea with digital broadcasting service that provides both real-time and interactive broadcasting.


The figure of 700,000 accounts for approximately 28% of overall broadcasting subscribers of CJ Hello Vision (2.53million). Considering that subscribers of IPTV with real-time broadcasting function are hovering in the level of approximately 93,000 (as of the end of January), this is an all the more remarkable figure.


Per the serviced region, Yangcheon-gu of Seoul is found to be the No. 1 place of digital broadcasting in Korea by recording the digital conversion rate of 61%. Bupyeong ~ Gyeyang-gu of Incheon are also displaying the conversion rate of 43%. As such, conversion into digital broadcasting is taking place at a high speed.


“This is because we have implemented UI (user interface) for convenient use of the latest interactive service in addition to providing real-time broadcasting service with more channels than our competitors,” explained a CJ Hello Vision insider.


Also, launching of ‘Hello Set’ TPS product with which digital broadcasting, super high-speed Internet and Internet phone services can be used at the price range of KRW 20,000, which is 20% cheaper than using the services separately, as well as localized marketing activities differentiated from other service providers and consumers’ demand of digital broadcasting that is increasing with introduction of competitive platforms, such as IPTV, etc., are also being pointed out as the factors leading to the expansion of Hello TV subscribers.


With exceeding of 700,000 ‘Hello TV’ subscribers, CJ Hello Vision will, in addition to increasing subscriber count in the future, focus on developing differentiated contents and technologies, such as ‘Hello TV’ HD PVR commercialized for the first time in Korea in order to enhance the company’s brand value and customer satisfaction. At the same time, CJ Hello Vision will strengthen competitive power in entire fields of products and services by implementing specialized consultation and after-sale service systems.


“The 700,000 subscribers of ‘Hello TV’ is the pride of and the fruit of effort made by CJ Hello Vision, which has been leading broadcasting – communication convergence by being the first in Korea to commercialize interactive digital cable broadcasting service,” said Byeon Dong-shik, the representative of CJ Hello Vision. “In the coming days, we will focus on providing more outstanding contents and convenient services through ‘Hello TV’ so that to secure unrivaled position in digital broadcasting market and to become the leader of broadcasting – communication convergence.” .