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CJ Hello Vision expands ‘Only One’ contents throug


█ CJ Hello Vision – Cartoon Network, strengthening cooperation for fast supply of contents and interactive advertisement, etc. .
█ Cartoon Network contents introduced through interactive advertisement and VOD service of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ released for the first time in Korea .
█ Anticipating differentiation of ‘Hello TV’ contents in the future through expansion of PP cooperation



CJ Hello Vision (Representative: Byeon Dong-shik, www.cjhellovision.com) is setting out for full-on cooperation with PPs for differentiation of ‘Hello TV’s digital cable broadcasting contents.

Leading the broadcasting – communication convergence market, CJ Hello Vision announced on the 17th that the company would introduce the major contents of Cartoon Network (www.catoonnetwork korea.com) through cooperation and provide free VOD service on the latest TV animation series, ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’.


In place of introducing channels and popular contents of Cartoon Network on real-time basis through the interactive banner advertisements exposed in TV screen and moving picture advertisements inserted into ‘Hello TV’ VOD, CJ Hello Vision will be able to provide the latest programs of Cartoon Network, such as ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’, etc. faster than other media through ‘Hello TV’ VOD.


In the past, it took at least a week of holdback period for popular contents of PP to be provided as free VOD of digital broadcasting through individual copyright purchase process, etc.


However, with this expanded cooperation, ‘Hello TV’ will be able to provide free service of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ through ‘Catch-up VOD’ released on the following day of the first airing of Cartoon Network channel. With this, increase in the rate of use by subscribers is being anticipated.


Accordingly, Cartoon Network will benefit from increase in channel recognition and viewing rate, while CJ Hello Vision will secure the differentiated and outstanding contents. Also, ‘Hello TV’ subscribers will be able to conveniently enjoy watching the latest programs in VOD and benefit from detailed contents information through interactive advertising.


In time for the opening of VOD service for ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’, CJ Hello Vision and Cartoon Network are planning an event within this month to select 100 of ‘Hello TV’ subscribers using this VOD and to present them with gifts, such as Star Wars posters and character products.


In the mean time, ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ to be serviced as free VOD through ‘Hello TV’ from the 18th is the first TV animation series of the film ‘Star Wars’ and contains a number of unseen episodes.


“With cooperation agreement with Cartoon Network, we will promote cooperation with many of other PPs and will expand the differentiated contents of ‘Hello TV’,” said Kim Jin-seok, the chief of marketing division (managing director) of CJ Hello Vision. .

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