Fidelia stands in Seoul Collection for 2 consecuti


Fidelia stands in Seoul Collection for 2 consecutive years

’Fidelia’, the representative lingerie brand of CJ Home Shopping, is gathering attention in the distribution and fashion industries as it will be on show in Seoul Collection for 2 consecutive years.


CJ Home Shopping announced to showcase ‘Fidelia’, the private brand (PB) lingerie created with Designer Park Yun-jeong in ‘2009 S/S Seoul Collection’ to take place in SETEC on the 22nd.


Fidelia, as the first lingerie brand of Korea, was showcased in Seoul Collection in 2007. This year, the brand will introduce 15 pieces of work to once again be acknowledged as the most representative designer lingerie brand.

In particular, ‘Seoul Collection Limited Edition Package’ consisted with the pieces showcased in this collection will be introduced through TV home shopping earlier next month. As only a limited quantity will be available for purchase, interest by Fidelia fans will be higher than ever.


The pieces on show are the works by Designer Park Yun-jeong, the daughter of Designer Lee Shin-wu, the first-generation Fidelia designer. They are characterized for the extreme femininity and strong silhouette designed with inspiration from the lines of ‘2046’, the film directed by Kar Wai Wang.