[Global 2020] Concession business, more than No. 1

age brands. This corresponds to the core characteristic of concession business that needs to satisfy customers of different tastes, ages and genders within a restricted space.


In addition, continuous development of new and premium menus by utilizing the special infrastructures of Cooking Education Center and Menu Team of CJ Freshway and professional service training of employees in Service Academy are also the differentiated strategies of CJ Freshway.



All eyes to the concession business of CJ Freshway advancing into the world!


On the basis of success in Korea, CJ Freshway has been expanding the scope of business into global market since 2006. In May 2006, CJ Freshway opened ‘Welly& Dolsot Bibimbap’ in Narita International Airport of Japan. Since March 2007, the company has also been operating ‘Sarangchae’, the Korean restaurant, and ‘Morninghaz’, the coffee store, in Passenger Terminal 2 of Hong Kong International Airport, which is competing with Incheon International Airport for the position of the No. 1 airport in the world. Also, CJ Freshway obtained the right to operate food and beverage facilities inside the Forbidden City, the heart of the Chinese culture. In 2008, CJ Freshway is further securing its position by opening Sarangchae stores in Qingdao International Airport and Beijing International Airport in