CJ CheilJedang exceeds feed production of 5M ton i


CJ CheilJedang exceeds feed production of 5M ton in Gunsan Plant



Together with the new vision of Becoming the Global Livestock Company through People, Technology and Business Model the feed BU of CJ CheilJedang is making a new start. On the 9th of October, CJ CheilJedang Gunsan Plant held a celebratory ceremony for exceeding feed production of 5M ton with attendance by customers, former employees and managers of sales agencies as well as the current employees and officers.


Gunsan Plant achieved the result of exceeding feed production of 5M ton in a very short period of time. Such a result has seldom happened in the industry, if any. At the center of this achievement were the customers who had infinite confidence in CJ feeds, CJ CheilJedang Gunsan Plant that has been producing and supplying safe and high-quality feeds and the marketing capacities of CJ Western District Business Division.


Prior to achieving this result, Gunsan Plant has been implementing the optimal production basis for processed feeds as well as production plants of special feeds for dogs and fish, expanding bulk facilities in diverse ways and securing monthly production scale of 35,000 tons through continuous productivity innovation over the last 20 years, therefore was able to convert into the weekly forwarding system in 2004. Also