CJ Stock Car Racing Team


CJ Stock Car Racing Team


CJ Sports announced that it would establish a racing team to join Korea’s one of the most influential racing competitions, Super Race Championship Super 6000 Class (stock car class).

CJ Sports said that the main goals of its racing team were branding its racing team wining a victory in the series and establishing business models and improving brand values with marketing activities. Also, CJ Sports said, it would focus on developing a stable business model through racing and driving school, merchandizing business, and sponsorships.

To achieve these goals, CJ Sports made a contract with racer Kim Ui Soo who championed the Korean GT Class for three seasons (02~04) and will recruit one more driver considering driver’s skills and popularity.

Within March, CJ Sports will decide its team’s logo, emblem, and uniform design open its homepage and attract team supporters.

For last two years, CJ Sports has sponsored CJ Super Race Championship, Korea’s one of the most influential racing competitions provided various promotion and events and made a contribution to the development of motor sports in Korea through broadcasting racing events.