CJ CheilJedang strengthens soy sauce business


CJ CheilJedang strengthens soy sauce business   


CJ CheilJedang will strengthen its soy sauce business by launching 2 varieties of new concept brewed soy sauce.

CJ Haechandle, the fermented sauce brand of CJ CheilJedang, announced the launching of ‘matured at 32° for superb taste’ brewed soy sauce and dark soy sauce, for which emphasis was placed on the temperature of fermentation process.

CJ CheilJedang explained that the best taste of soy sauce was created by maintaining the raw sauce at the constant temperature of 32° for 4 months of maturation period, which is the core of the 6-month maturation process of brewed soy sauce.

The raw sauce is brewed twice. Also, containing no MSG and synthetic preservatives, the soy sauce produces rich and mild taste.

CJ CheilJedang’s soy sauce sale for Haechandle brand was only KRW 8.8 billion last year. However, with these new products, CJ CheilJedang is planning to continuously expand the soy sauce business.

The goal is to secure market occupancy of 20% with the sale of KRW 40 billion by 2013 in order to be one of the ‘big 3 soy sauce manufacturers’ together with Saempyo and Daesang.