CJ CheilJedang donates goods to oil spill site


CJ CheilJedang donates goods to oil spill site


On the 14th, CJ CheilJedang announced the plan to urgently supply goods to the value of KRW 20 million to Taeanbando region hit by the worst oil spill accident in history.

The relief items to be donated are beverages including mineral water, meals of Hetbahn, etc. and snacks, such as Petitzel and Maxbong, etc.

“We chose these items so that over 10,000 volunteer workers toiling hard in the site can have meals with convenience,” said an insider of CJ CheilJedang. “We hope this will be helpful to the volunteer workers who are skipping meals and dedicating themselves to hard work all day.”

CJ CheilJedang will deliver KRW 18 million worth of goods (based on consumer price) to Taean-gun Office (disaster monitoring center) and the marine police of Taean within the 14th. The total of 335 boxes of goods will include Hetbahnjuk (45 boxes), Yukgaejangbap (25 boxes), mineral water (60 boxes), Petitzel (60 boxes) and Maxbong (40 boxes).

CJ CheilJedang is actively considering additional donation of goods and dispatching of volunteer service workers according to circumstances in the damaged region.