CGV – Lotte Cinema jointly pursues the business to distribute digital projection system

"FONT-FAMILY: 굴림 mso-bidi-font-size: 10.0pt mso-font-kerning: 0pt\"> is planning to complete corporate establishment by end of the year to start the business of distributing ‘cinema without film’ in full scale.


is planning to embark on working level conference in relations to VPF with domestic and overseas distributors and is also scheduled to undergo separate negotiations with movie theaters through business presentations.


Korean Film Council is making extensive support to create the appropriate environment with significant interest in digital cinema business of Korea.


Following the last year’s event, Korean Film Council introduced technological standard plans of digital cinema in Korea to be carried out in the future by disclosing ‘digital cinema technology guide version 2.0’ and ‘digital cinema quality control manual version 2.0’ on the 1st of November in Cultural Contents Center located in Sangam-dong of Seoul in order to respond to international environments undergoing changes.


■ Currently, various countries around the world, such as the US and countries in Europe, etc., are rapidly

converting to digital cinema system. Therefore, change is keenly required in film market of Korea.