CJ CheilJedang launches ‘Baeksul Pam Pam Ham’ of small packaging


CJ CheilJedang launches ‘Baeksul Full of Happiness Dumpling’


CJ CheilJedang recently launched the new product ‘Baeksul Full of Happiness Dumpling’. This is a unique product to resemble the shape of lucky bag by escaping from the standardized shape of the existing products, such as dumplings for frying or boiling, etc. The outstanding taste is created with the generous filling of tofu, Kimchi, mungbean sprouts, zucchini and pork, the traditional ingredients of Korean dumplings. In addition to steaming, the main use, this new product can be used for a variety of purposes, such as in soup or casserole. So, great popularity is being anticipated as a product for home cooking.


‘Baeksul Full of Happiness Dumpling’ does not contain MSG, synthetic preservatives or coloring, therefore can be safely enjoyed by the whole family. Freshness of ingredients has been secured by rapidly freezing dumplings at the temperature below -30°C. In particular, the differentiated shape of this product will draw great interest and attention of consumers. In fact, consumer survey conducted by CJ CheilJedang prior to product launch produced the high score of 4.62 (total of 5 points) for consumers’ preference of product appearance, indicating to expect explosive response by consumers compared to the existing products.


Maintaining the No. 1 position in packaged dumpling industry, CJ CheilJedang is planning to secure a new category in dumpling market following the existing products of dumplings for frying and boiling by the launch of ‘Baeksul Full of Happiness Dumpling’ in time fo