CJ Cheil Jedang launches the sugar-free ‘Oligo Jam’.


CJ Cheil Jedang launches 3 varieties of Freshian sauces for refrigeration



CJ Cheil Jedang launched 3 varieties of delectable sauces for refrigeration chockfull of vegetables. These products were created as consumption of western style sauces increased due to increase in dining out and overseas experiences as well as increase in consumers’ interest on products without additives. Salsa sauce, chili sauce and mustard sauce, the representative sauces of the western world, are created with generous portions of fresh vegetables to satisfy Korean palate and to be suitable for Korean dishes. Most of all, these sauce varieties can be used in a variety of dishes. Also, with absolutely no addition of MSG as well as synthetic preservatives and coloring, consumers can enjoy these sauces with peace of mind. ‘Freshian Pickle-filled Mustard’ made by adding the crispness of dill pickles and fresh fragrance of parsley to mustard is ideal as a salad dressing or a dip for deep-fried dishes. ‘Freshian Apple Sweet Chili Sauce’ containing apple, fresh garlic and fresh onion provides the taste of sweetness with a hint of spiciness. This can be used as a dip for various deep-fried dishes or as a sauce for stir-frying. ‘Freshian Tomato-filled Salsa Sauce’ made with tomato, Cheongyang pepper and other vegetables for fresh and spicy taste is an ideal condiment for fried rice or pasta. It is also a great alternative to ketchup for various deep-fried dishes.