‘Fidelia’ of CJ Home Shopping takes a part in Seoul Collection.


‘Fidelia’ of CJ Home Shopping takes a part in Seoul Collection.

A lingerie brand of TV home shopping will take a part in Seoul Collection for the first time.

CJ Home Shopping announced that ‘Fidelia’, the PB brand of CJ Home Shopping, will be showcased in Seoul Collection.

Following the first lingerie fashion show by a Korean designer in Lyon Collection of 2002, Fidelia has once again made the accomplishment to take a part in Seoul Collection.

In particular, the exhibits for Seoul Collection will be from ‘Fidelia Black Label’ line of designer Park Yun-jeong, the daughter of the 1st generation Fidelia designer, Lee Shin-wu, therefore will receive comments to be the rare case of lingerie brand designed through generations.

Fidelia Black Label was a new brand launched by introducing designer Park Yun-jeong in October last year. It received explosive popularity to record the sale of app. KRW 400M in the launching show. Emphasizing trendy style and sensuality to attract young customers in their 20s and 30s, Fidelia has been evaluated to expand the horizon of home shopping underwear market.

Designer Park Yun-jeong will showcase 70 pieces of work in total including over 40 new Black Label products of Fidelia in Seoul Collection.