CJ FoodSystem opens restaurants in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China



On the 27th of July, CJ FoodSystem opened restaurants in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

With the history of 600 years, the Forbidden City is an architectural masterpiece of the largest scale to currently exist in China and was the Imperial Palace during the era of Ming and Qing Dynasty. As a symbol of the Chinese court culture, the Forbidden City was listed as a World Heritage in 1987. It is visited by over 8 million tourists per year and the number is forecasted to continuously increase with Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

In search for a partner to satisfy the needs of visitors from all over the world by comprehensive remodeling of the existing food and beverage facilities to aim for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the Forbidden City made the final decision as CJ FoodSystem.

In this event attended by over 100 guests including staffs from the Korean Embassy, representatives of major Korean enterprises in Korea, personnel from CJ and staffs of the Forbidden City, etc., Park Geun-tae, the representative for the head office of CJ in China gave a congratulatory speech that “CJ will provide numerous domestic and overseas visitors to the Forbidden City with job and satisfaction by running stores differentiated from other restaurant businesses with the abundant restaurant management experiences and know-how of CJ” and that “deepest appreciation is extended to the staffs of the Forbidden City who unsparingly offered us convenience in the last 8 months until our opening.”

CJ FoodSystem runs the total of 3 stores in the Forbidden City, such as ‘Yungjongmun’ to specialize in light refreshments and snacks, such as coffee, beverages and cookies, etc., ‘Czen Jeonseongmun’ to serve mainly noodle and rice dishes and the main Chinese restaurant of ‘Gyeongwunmun’ to serve Chinese dim sum, rice with topping and soup dishes, etc.