CJ Media wins BDA World Gold Awards for 2 consecutive years!



CJ Media won the bronze medal by entering for competition in the section of poster design campaign in 2007 BDA World Gold Awards, the international broadcasting promotion event held in New York, US in June. Following the winning of gold medals in 2 sections in 2006 BDA World Gold Awards, CJ Media became the first in the broadcasting industry of Korea to win prizes for 2 consecutive years in the field of TV promotion for advertising and TV programs.

What enabled CJ Media to win the prize in 2007 BDA World Gold Awards was a 14-day party series publicity poster, which was for the viewers’ event in the film and entertainment channel of XTM. After winning gold medals in 2 sections in 2006 BDA World Gold Awards, CJ Media again won the bronze medal for 2 consecutive years. The prize wining by CJ Media in the field of poster design was also the first achievement in broadcasting industry of Korea including not only cable TV, but also terrestrial and satellite broadcasting, etc.

BDA World Gold Awards is the most prestigious award ceremony in broadcasting industry held each year by PromaxBDA, the world’s largest organization of broadcasting and promotion. PromaxBDA is a large-scaled organization the members of which include broadcasting stations, productions and design studios from over 70 countries all over the world centering on the US.

BDA World Gold Awards invites exhibits for each field that are related to broadcasting programs and promotions on the basis of their artistic and commercial values as well as originality. The award ceremony is held during the PromaxBDA conference event. This year, approximately 11,000 exhibits from over 80 countries were brought together for competition. 2007 BDA World Gold Awards became the topic of conversation as Former US President Bill Clinton gave the keynote speech in the conference event.