CJ Corporation Changes Company Name to CJ Cheil Jedang


In the coming September, ‘Cheil Jedang’, which had been a familiar name to housewives for 50 years as the largest food manufacturer of Korea, will greet the consumers again.

CJ Corporation announced on the 11th that the new company name in accordance with conversion into holding company system has been confirmed as ‘CJ Cheil Jedang’.

“With conversion into holding company system on the 1st of September, we needed a new name for the company that is to be in charge of the existing businesses of food, pharmaceuticals and bio, etc.”, said an insider of CJ. He added “We carried out consumer survey and preference survey within the company among a variety of potential names. The final decision was made for CJ Cheil Jedang after BOD’s meeting on the 10th and top executives’ meeting on the 6th.”

With this name change, CJ Corporation regains its old name after 5 years.

CJ Corporation changed its name as it is in October 2002 after abandoning Cheil Jedang, the name it had maintained for over half a century.