The mobile age of shopping is now facing the WiBro age.


The mobile age of shopping is now facing the WiBro age.


CJ home-shopping, in cooperation with KT, announced its plans to open the “WiBro shopping service” starting on the 14th of this month.

WiBro is a mobile broadband shopping service that runs off the WiBro network supplied by KT.  Any customers who have a compatible PDA unit can conveniently use CJ home shopping broadcasting as well as CJ’s Internet shopping mall service through “CJMmall”, which is a unique mobile service from CJ Home Shopping. Inc.

The best feature of the WiBro shopping service is that it has a high transfer speed that allows for the use of various video services. Before, it was hard to use video content with the existing mobile services due to the slow service network and high service charges. Now however, WiBro service offers the option to not only view the live and past broadcasting content from CJ home shopping, but also video content from the Internet using the WiBro network, which has the speed of a high speed internet connection (Max. 18.4Mbps, Avg. 3Mbps).

The head manager of Marketing at CJ Home Shopping mentioned, “WiBro service can raise the customers’ satisfaction by uniting the advantages from both Mobile and high speed internet services.” He also stated, “Now the genuine ubiquitous era will be able to begin since video service, which was limited in the previous mobile shopping market, is now available.”