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Summer weather all too early, CJ Corp. introduces


As the highest temperature reaches 25°c, high-demand season for Naengmyeon (cold buckwheat noodle) has come earlier this year. CJ Corp. is soon to launch ‘Namdo Maeshil Naengmyeon (southern style cold buckwheat noodles with green plums)’ made with domestically produced green plums for healthfulness and refreshing taste.

CJ’s ‘Namdo Maeshil Naengmyeon’ is ideal as a special summer treat with the fresh taste of noodles made by adding green plums. Flavored with Dongchimi (watery radish Kimchi) broth and spicy sauce, ‘Namdo Maeshil Naengmyeon’ provides refreshingly cool and tangy taste. Only the plums produced in southern regions of Gwangyang famous as the producing district of Maeshil and the drainage area of Seomjin River, etc. were used.

Maeshil provides outstanding detoxification effect and helps treating stomach upset or food poisoning, etc. The sourness in taste is known to trigger secretion of gastric juice and normalize digestive organs, therefore to play a part in treating indigestion and gastric troubles.

For competition in summer Naengmyeon market forecasted to be of approximately KRW 45 billion this year, CJ Corp. is putting up the catchphrase of well being ingredients for healthfulness and the patent-applied NP technology.

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