CJ GLS Initiates an International Courier Service


Sending freights from America, Japan, and China to Korea has become cheaper.

CJ GLS, a general distribution enterprise, announced the launching of the international courier service, starting on March 26th.

An international courier enterprise operates freight transport among different countries, by means of air transport, customs clearance, and delivery.

For this service, CJ GLS has established a 661m2 customs area at the In-Cheon International Airport last February. It has also opened international courier service agencies in America, Japan, and China.

CJ GLS International courier service is distinguished by its economical cost, estimating 50% of the other major courier services.

Furthermore, CJ GLS plans to offer legal support service to the clients by utilizing the customs office and the judicial affairs team within the main branch. It will also provide a same day delivery service for emergency freights through the established courier service agencies.

CJ GLS plans to improve its name value in the overseas market through active advertisements in newspapers and radio, emphasizing its low-cost and advantages.

CJ GLS international courier aspires to acquire 500 thousa