CJ Corp. Enters China’ Tofu Market



A Korean conglomerate enters the 2,000-year-old Chinese tofu market, powered by its high technology and advanced marketing system.

CJ Corp. stated that an opening ceremony was held on March 30th at the People’s Great Assembly Hall in Beijing, in order to celebrate the launching of a joint-stock enterprise with the Er Shang (二商) Group.

The joint-stock enterprise “Beijing Er Shang-CJ Food Limited Company” (北京二商希杰食品有限責任公司, hereon mentioned as ‘Er Shang-CJ ’) will manufacture and sell tofu, soybean milk, and other bean-processed food articles. 

The Er Shang Group owns 51% of “Er Shang-CJ ,” and the remaining 49% is owned by the CJ Corp. The total capital estimates 11 million dollars (Approximately 10.2 billion Korean Won), and the business management will be carried out by CJ.

Er Shang (二商) Group is a government-owned enterprise and the largest manufacturer of food articles in Beijing. Er Shang Group’s renowned tofu brand, ‘Baiyu,’ is among the 400 national brands (中華老字號) elected by the Chinese government. Based on its 50 years of history, the Baiyu dominates 70% of the Beijing tofu market.