CJ Foodville, launches a unique donut brand, DONO STUDIO


CJ Foodville has launched the first branch of a unique, premium donut brand, \'DONO STUDIO.\' This first branch is located at the busy district between Gangnam and Yeoksam Station.


DONO STUDIO is a pure Korean brand, founded solely by CJ Foodville. Every day, the donut master supplies fresh, hand-baked donuts in the store. Since the donuts are baked within the store everyday, it tastes lighter and fresher than the regular donuts.


The ingredients are also chosen among the best the renowned high-grade French chocolate, Valrohna, Californian almonds, and green tea powder from Boseong, Korea. Furthermore, the store provides coffee, tea, and iced drinks, allowing the customers to enjoy fresh beverages along with the donut, according to their liking.


Now, consumers are able to taste unique-styled donuts at the DONO STUDIO.