CJ Corp. launches a new product, the Baeksul South Sea Oyster Sauce


CJ Corp. has launched the ‘Baeksul South Sea Oyster Sauce,’ which is made entirely of oysters from the South Sea, to match the preference of Koreans. Other ingredients include garlic and onions, which takes away the greasiness tasted in foreign products, and goes well with Korean fried or steamed dishes.


Regular oyster sauces are made by adding salt to the oyster broth. However, CJ’s ‘Baeksul South Sea Oyster Sauce’ does not use regular oyster extracts. Instead, using a distinctive enzyme breakdown technology, CJ is able to make a richer oyster extract without wasting anything.


Oyster sauce was first introduced from China during the 19th century. The demands for the product have been rising steadily, as consumers realized that the deep flavor compliments the Korean fried dishes. The total sales for the oyster sauce in Korea amounted to eight billion Korean won last year. This year, it is expected to exceed ten billion Korean won. However, this area is monopolized by foreign products. In fact, 90% of the Korean market for oyster sauce is dominated by the Lee Kum Kee Oyster sauce.


The CJ ‘Baeksul South Sea Oyster Sauce’ can be used for Korean and Chinese cuisine, and is especially useful f