CJ Entertainment actively undertakes the Chinese Entertainment enterprise



CJ Entertainment (representative: Joo Sung Kim) is actively planning to enter the performance and entertainment industries in China.

CJ Entertainment will be cooperating with the CPAA (China Performing Arts Agency) organizes the performances and exhibition enterprises in China (representative, Zhang Wie), for the Beijing tour of the Musical “Mamma Mia” by the original London cast.

CJ Entertainment has made a MOU (memorandum of underwriting) with the CPAA (China Performing Arts Agency)  in order to expand the cultural market in China. The production of Mamma Mia is only the first step.

This tour will start on the 7th of August and continue for 2 weeks until the 19th, and it will take place at the Beijing Poly Theater. They are also aiming to acquire and produce a Chinese licensed performance until the year 2009.

This corporation is also co-producing a project with the subsidiary company,