CJ Foodville, enters Chinese restaurant market


CJ Foodville, a company specialize in general dining is entering Chinese restaurant market.


CJ Foodville open its 1st new concept Chinese restaurant with 200 seating capacity in In Duk Won on the 13th.


China Factory is a Chinese family restaurant with the new concept in entirely new style and is a place where diners can experience unique world of Chinese food and enjoy the great cooking show and creative service.  


The restaurant is expected to be popular among the families who want to experience new dining culture, business meeting that for those who want moderate but elegant service and couples with planned special occasion.


The special distinction of China Factory is that diners can select and choose from various kind of food and taste high quality tea and dim-sum limitlessly.


And here they installed conveyer belt which is the 1st in the industry, provide shows by creating the dynamic atmosphere of the kitchen where the chefs are lined up and perform flaming fire cooking show.


China Factory is planning to open Mok Dong Branch sometime in February next year follow by the 1st, In Duk Won branch.