CJ Corp. selected for Asia’s best in-flight meal vendor


CJ Corp. was selected for vendor of the year in the in-flight meals catagory in Asia by in-flight meals specialty magazine PAX INTERNATIONAL.

 ‘PAX READERSHIP AWARD’ is presented to the best vendor among the catering companies and service companies worldwide who provide meals to transportation companies by land, sea and air such as airlines, railways and cruises and through the surveys conducted on subscribers who are experts on board meal field.

CJ Corp. has provided many excellent in flight meals like Hat Ban, Green Tea Porridge and Petite Gel to national airlines such as Korean Air and Asiana airlines and foreign carriers serve domestic routes and they scored high this year by coming out with new products like Pumpkin Porridge, Sticky Barley Rice and Bop-I-Rang and had the honor of winning this award.