CJ GLS becomes Korea’s leading global logistics company


CJ GLS recently announced that it will soon acquire Accord Express Holdings Pte Ltd., Singapore’s greatest private 3PL logistics company, to become Korea’s leading global logistics company and to grow into Asia’s leading global logistics company by 2013 through its one-stop global logistics network.

Accord Express, established in 1984, is a Singapore-based company and a global 3PL logistics company that had 37 subsidiary companies in 12 countries in Asia and Europe (Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Netherlands, Australia, India, and Korea).

Accord Express particularly has a system that is connected to all 37 subsidiary companies throughout the world and offers overall freight information in real-time. It also has partnerships with about 100 global logistics companies worldwide.

CJ GLS’s acquisition of Accord Express enables it to have the best global network in Korea and compete with large logistics companies abroad.  

Thus, CJ GLS is planning to use this system to make its advance into the global logistics industry and provide one-stop global logistics services through its overseas subsidiary companies.