CJ Media founds TVN, Total Variety Channel


CJ Media  held a press conference at the ‘4th KCTA 2006’ at Jeju Conference Center and announced that it will found ‘TVN,’ the Total Variety Channel.

President Suk Hee Gang of CJ Media announced that he will invest about KRW 0.15 trillion for the next five years to strengthen TVN’s independent productions and programs.

According to CJ Media, TVN will produce over 10 weekly variety shows and about seven to eight original dramas with up to 100 titles a year..
TVN, which will be founded later in 2006, stands for ‘Total Variety Network,’ and will air over 80% of drama and variety shows for all viewer groups with certain slots open for latest movies and hit sports events..
At the conference, CJ Media made a strategic partnership with DY Entertainment, led by the popular comedian Dong Yup Shin, for co-planning/co-production of programs and exchange of entertainers. .
DY Entertainment (President Dong Yup Shin), established in December 2005, specializes in entertainment business and made agreements with top entertainers, such as Yong Man Kim, Jae Suk Yoo, Hyuk Jae Lee, and Hong Chul Noh, when it first established. With its partnership with DY Entertainment, TVN is planning to produce distinguished entertainment programs..
President Suk Hee Gang of CJ Media and President Chang Ui Lee (former MBC PD) will jointly lead TVN.