CJ Pro Game Team becomes CJ ENTUS


CJ Pro Game Team completed its BI process for the official name and logo.

CJ Sports acquired a popular pro game team called G.O. last April and officially named it ‘CJ ENTUS’ on June 12, 2006. CJ Sports has announced that every BI process has been completed.  

CJ chose ‘CJ ENTUS’ because the name, which stands for “Entertain Us and Enthusiasm”,  clearly represents CJ’s principle to deliver happiness to customers and the team’s resolution to become the cultural icon for game lovers and young generation.

The logo deformed the alphabet ‘N’ to express power and passion and the emblem combined CJ Group’s CI design with red, blue, and golden yellow colors to indicate that the team is a part of CJ Group. The emblem intersects organic shapes and lines to represent that CJ ENTUS will always develop and evolve for its customers and fans.