CJ Food System opens Korean Restaurant in Narita Airport in Japan


CJ Food System announces its opening of new restaurant branch, ‘Welly& Stone Pot Bibimbap Specialized Restaurant’ in Narita Airport in Japan starting from 2nd of June.


The Wallyann Stone Pot Bibimbap Specialized Restaurant with Bibimbap as its main menu is the first Korean restaurant in Narita Airport. It is quite cozy space with 13 seats in the hall of 11 Pyeong size. Although it is not a huge restaurant, its interior is designed to deliver the sophisticated atmosphere of authentic Korean traditional restaurants. The taste of the dishes is the most important part to have been carefully designed. Bibimbap, the main menu, is served in the stone pot which uses agalmatolite from Jeonbug Jangsu region in Korea. This special material helps the rice not stick to the pot and be tastier. The rice is served being initial mixed in gradients in order to prevent the rice crushed out too much. These considerations are part of the effort made to serve the best and distinctive dishes to diners. The Wallyann Stone Pot Bibimbap Specialized Restaurant is located among other restaurants on 5th floor in Terminal 1 in Narita Airport serving for general airport users (3,000 people) and Japanese tourists.


“Opening the Wallyann Stone Pot Bibimbap Specialized Restaurant in Narita Airport will be the starting point to expand the CJ Food System’s restaurant business to overseas, especially to Japan” “We will introduce and promote exotic Korean food to overseas through the Wallyann Stone Pot Bibimbap Specialized Restaurant”, says CJ Food System.


Following Japan, CJ Food System will open its Cafe brand, Morninghaz branch in Shanghai Airport in China on 15th of June and three restaurants including Morninghaz, Sarangchae, and Sizen in Sky Plaza in Hong Kong International Airport on 1st of July.