The top executives from the CJ group gathered in Dubai.


CJ announced that over 40 top executives from the main subsidiaries of the group including Lee, Jae-Hyeon, the chairman, Kim, Jin-Su, the CEO of CJ Co., Ltd. and Im, Yeong-Hak, the CEO of CJ Home shopping proceeded the CEO global conference in Dubai of UAE which arouses interests in the extensive development work such as making an artificial island, throughout the world.

They who visited Dubai with the schedule of 3 nights and 4 days from 17th to 20th were given the lectures on the subjects “The establishment of the national reforming program and the background for the implement”, “The future strategy of Dubai” by the invited government personnel of Dubai and experienced in person the transformational field of Dubai which is being reborn from the wasteland of the desert to New York of the Middle East. A CJ personnel mentioned that visiting Dubai this time was a part of “Global field education” for the executives following the visit to LA and Singapore last year.

The CJ group which is regarding this year as “the first year of the global takeoff” judges that the professionalism and the speed of the management in the overseas business had been inferior so far due to the progress in the head office-centered way and plans to localize it daringly.

For this, CJ plans to build the global personnel system to employ the excellent local work force and bring up to make the overseas organization settled and merged in the locale as an independent managing subject and to let the overseas work force grow up to become the manager in the global business depending on their ability.