CJ establishes a professional game team.


CJ announced on the 11th that it will establish a pro game team by taking over the GO-a pro game team decorated by the most wins in the past team competitions.

CJ will have an official establishment ceremony after deciding the team name, concept, logo, uniform and etc. sooner or later.

The GO team will be run under a tentative name ‘CJ pro game team’ before the official establishment, and it will participate in the 1st league in April beginning with the group naming ceremony of the Ongamenet Proleague on coming Wednesday. CJ pro game team will be managed by the CJ sports.

CJ said “We have decided the takeover as the characteristics that are progressive, creative, and sensitive to changes coincide well with the image of a young and progressive enterprise which the CJ pursues. GO is a team with the potential to win at any time”.

“Greatest One-the team name and the spirit-has a thread of connection with Only One- CJ’s enterprise spirit. CJ can now realize the group’s goal to be the best living culture enterprise in the e-sports field by taking over the GO” CJ added.