CJ has released Baeksul Pan Salt


CJ has released low sodium salt ‘Baeksul Pan Salt’ that has 40% less sodium chloride than the ordinary refined salt. ‘Baeksul Pan Salt’ has 57% of sodium chloride which is less than 88%, the standard ordinary salt. ‘Baeksul Pan Salt’ contains potassium chloride for the effect of accelerating sodium elimination from our body without compromising the ordinary salty taste. ‘Baeksul Pan Salt’ has been developed for national well-being in Finland to reduce the large intake of salt. It has been on sale since 1982 and is currently dominating 41% of the entire salt market in Finland.

While the regulations on the high sodium foods have been strengthened centering Europe, similar movement is being raised by the public institutions and government domestically for the excessive sodium chloride ingestion. As a result, it is expected that there will be an increase in demand for low sodium foods. To satisfy the consumer’s possible demand, CJ plans to present low sodium processed foods by utilizing ‘Baeksul Pan Salt’ on the market beginning with Pan Salt added seaweed soon.