‘Seoul Tower’, Nam-san mountain blooms everyday


‘N Seoul Tower’(old Nam-san mountain Seoul Tower), a new celebrated place of Seoul, has finished the remodeling and is now showing the new multiple cultural space.

The tower which has changed its name to ‘N Seoul Tower’ that stands for Nam-san mountain and ‘New’, is drawing people’s eyes with splendid lighting equipments. The exterior of the tower changes its color and patter to match the season or the weather, and it will provide the citizens with a new attraction with the lighting work ‘Seoul’s Flower’ which is an embodiment of a flower blooming, through 6 search lights every hour from 7pm sharp to midnight.

There is a media zone where you can watch movie previews and the latest music videos for free, and there is also a space for children’s experience study as well as for all sorts of exhibitions and performances. The multipurpose stage on the 2nd floor is made up for broadcasting and it can be used for a small-scale concert or a movie preview.

There are a Korean cuisine and Western food restaurant on the 1st and 5th floor of the observatory, and the half of the admission fee is refunded to the guest to the restaurants. The Western restaurant on the 5th floor, ‘N Grill’ rotates to make one revolution in 48 minutes so that the guests can enjoy the complete view of Seoul while having a meal. There are 4 40million won-telescopes that simultaneously display information of over 60 places at the digital observatory on the 3rd floor from the 2nd~3rd floor observatory.