The second Tous Les Jours in Beijing is opened.


The 2nd Tous Les Jours shop is opened on Nyuerunjie(女人街) the area of embassy and office on Friday the 18th of November following the opening of 1st Tous Les Jours shop on Uttaoceou the university crowded area in Beijing on the 18th of August. 

The 2nd Tous Les Jours shop which is located on the first floor of a 20 story building with 46 seats in about 50pyung(165.29 square meters) has captured  the attention of university students with high class interior and verified flavors and be thought that it can get near to the salaried persons around the shop.

It might be said that the meaning of the 2nd shop is in giving an impetus to the entry into China on the other hand that the meaning of the 1st shop is in the first entrance into China market of service business of CJ FOODVILLE.

Please give great encouragement to Beijing Tous Les Jours.