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CJ CGV Tops National Brand Competitiveness Index (NBCI) in Cinema Category for 14th Consecutive Year


CGV Shinsegae Gyeonggi

▶ A view of ‘CGV Shinsegae Gyeonggi,’ composed entirely of special theaters.

Diversifying Customer Experience through Special Theater Expansion… CGV Shinsegae Gyeonggi, Comprised Exclusively of Special Theaters, Opens.

CJ CGV (CEO Heo Min Heoi) announced on the 25th that it had been selected as the No. 1 multiplex cinema in the National Brand Competitiveness Index (NBCI) for the 14th consecutive year, as released by the Korea Productivity Center.

The National Brand Competitiveness Index is a credible brand evaluation indicator assessing brand awareness, image, and customer loyalty through the participation of over 30,000 consumers annually.

Since opening CGV Gangbyeon in 1998 and introducing the first multiplex in Korea, CJ CGV has led a new trend in movie watching. It has evolved into a ‘culture-plex,’ combining various lifestyles with the intrinsic value of movies, and is signaling a transformation into an experiential lifestyle space provider.

New Business Launches such as ‘THE APPROACH,’ ‘MOINTS’… Growing into a Korean-style Entertainment Space


▶ ‘THE APPROACH,’ a short game golf studio, opened last February.

CJ CGV strives to provide customers diverse content and differentiated experiences by ▲expanding special theaters, ▲launching new businesses, ▲conducting experiential marketing ▲enhancing F&B, and ▲screening exclusive CGV content.

CJ CGV has introduced sensory experience special theaters like ‘4DX,’ multi-projection theaters ‘ScreenX,’ and the world’s first integrated theater ‘4DX Screen,’ along with a variety of special theaters offering premium experiences such as ‘CINE de CHEF,’ ‘TEMPUR CINEMA,’ ‘PRIVATE BOX,’ and ‘GOLD CLASS.’ In July, it opened ‘CGV Shinsegae Gyeonggi,’ the country's first cinema with all special theaters, revealing plans to continue providing extraordinary experiences only available in cinemas.

Additionally, beyond the existing screening rooms, CJ CGV is growing into a Korean-style entertainment space by utilizing theater spaces through launching new businesses like sports climbing gym ‘PEAKERS,’ short game golf studio ‘THE APPROACH,’ and taste-based interactive community ‘MOINTS.’ ‘PEAKERS,’ first introduced last year, has surpassed 150,000 cumulative users and is currently operating in three locations: Jongno, Guro, and Sinchon, with plans to launch a fourth location in the second half of this year.

Enhancing Customer Experience Through Concept Screenings and Collaborations with Diverse Brands such as ‘CHOON-SIK’ to Strengthen F&B

Scene from the April Fools' Day promotion held last April.

▶ Scene from the April Fools' Day promotion held last April.

The company has gained prominence by conducting experiential marketing activities that draw proactive customer participation, such as April Fools' Day promotions, Oksusu Festival, and concept screenings. Last April, Fools' Day, presenting various attractions under the ‘school’ concept, stirred significant discussions with over 20,000 nationwide participants. It has also increased moviegoers' immersion by planning concept screenings based on content characteristics, such as ‘The First Slam Dunk’ fan appreciation screenings, ‘Prince-like Casual Friday Suit Screenings, ‘Elemental’ extreme empathy screenings, ‘Smuggler’ retro preview, ‘Barbie’ pink fanatic fan screenings.

CJ CGV continuously creates enjoyment through food. Reflecting the rapidly changing trends, it has attempted collaborations with various food companies, offering a continuous series of new menus utilizing foods popular among Koreans, such as ‘Kimchi Seasoning Popcorn’ and ‘Jjapaghetti Popcorn.’ This year, new menus like ‘Pure Pepper Popcorn,’ collaborating with Ottogi’s steady seller ‘Pure Pepper,’ and ‘Heinz Tomato Ketchup Flavor Popcorn,’ showcasing a fantastic combination of sweet and tangy Heinz Tomato Ketchup seasoning with popcorn, have been launched. Additionally, the company opened ‘HIGH, SINCHON,’ a highball bar at CGV Sinchon Artreon, a first in a theater, receiving notable interest from the Millennials and Gen Z. Furthermore, utilizing Kakao Friends' character ‘CHOON-SIK,’ various goods and food & beverages are offered, providing a unique enjoyment to the customers visiting the cinema.

Providing a Variety of Attractions and Enjoyments, Including Live Artist Performances and Exclusive Releases

The effort to provide various attractions and enjoyments stands out. CJ CGV offers diverse content through its art and culture screening brand ‘ICECON,’ allowing audiences to enjoy different theater content, such as musical and opera live performances, lectures, concerts, and live sports broadcasts. This year, it attracted diverse age groups to theaters by showcasing ‘BTS: Yet To Come In Cinema,’ ‘I’m A Hero The Final,’ ‘LE SSERAFIM's First Album Comeback Show,’ ‘TAK Show,’ and more. The ‘10CM Live Concert’ conducted in the screening room recorded sold-out performances for all 43 shows, receiving acclaim for opening a new theater culture through content that allows the audience to participate and enjoy beyond simple screenings. Recently released ‘IU Concert: The Golden Hour’ has garnered exceptional attention, topping the box office reservations and focusing on CGV’s exclusive content lineup. Moreover, ongoing events like the ‘2023 German Super Cup Viewing Party’ and ‘Roland Garros Men's Singles Final Viewing Party’ offer sports fans places to gather and cheer, continually receiving excellent responses.

CJ CGV CEO Heo Min Heoi stated, “We are delighted to achieve the feat of being selected as number one for 14 consecutive years by carrying out various brand activities for customers to experience differentiation,” and added, “Empowered by customer support, we will continue to expand investment and technology development to present diverse content enjoyable in cinemas consistently.”

CJ CGV has solidified its position as the most loved cinema by achieving favorable results in various evaluations, such as ranking first in the cinema category of the 2023 Global Customer Satisfaction Index (GCSI), the 2023 Premium Brand Index (KS-PBI), and the 2023 Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI).