CJ Entertainment to Shoot Film with Japanese Company


Korea’s largest investment and distributor CJ Entertainment is to shoot two films together with Japanese Kadokawa Holdings.


In commemoration of Kadokawa’s 60th anniversary, representatives from the two companies held a press conference in Tokyo, and announced that they would jointly produce films “One Missed Call (Chaksinari)” and “Black House”.


It is considered an exceptional case for Korea and Japan to jointly produce commercial movies, not in the drama or documentary field. “One Missed Call Final” is the last of the “One Missed Cal series that have become box-office hits. The film is about the fearful story of high school students who went to a school excursion to Korea. “Black House”, dramatizing the original of the Japanese horror story writer, Yusuke Kishi, will be shot in Korea. 


Kadokawa is one of the largest publishing and film-making companies and is famous for its tremendous contents and its long history. CJ Entertainment, which set this year as the first year of its globalization, considered this joint-production between Korea and Japan as its first large-scale project to go into the world market.