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CJ Foodville's Tous Les Jours Celebrates Robust U.S. Expansion with Milestone 100th Store Opening


Local customers flock to the U.S.'s 100th Tous Les Jours store in Bronxville.

▶ Local customers flock to the U.S.'s 100th Tous Les Jours store in Bronxville.

"Championing the K-Bakery Movement Globally and Intensifying Worldwide Market Initiatives."

Tous Les Jours, operated by CJ Foodville (CEO Kim Chan-ho), proudly announces the inauguration of its 100th U.S. store, underscoring a pivotal leap in its ambitious global business journey.

Tous Les Jours Debuts its Monumental Store in Bronxville, Proximity to Manhattan, Embarking on an Accelerated Growth Trajectory in North America.

CJ Foodville illuminated the business landscape on the 21st by unveiling its centennial Tous Les Jours store in the upscale enclave of Bronxville, just a stone's throw from Manhattan, New York.

The Bronxville storefront garners special attention, marking it as the fifth endeavor by a seasoned franchisee with multiple Tous Les Jours operations in the U.S. This expansion showcases the franchise's robust profit model and recognition among locals as a viable business venture.

Tous Les Jours' Rapid U.S. Growth: Targeting 120 Stores in 2021 and 1,000 Stores by 2030

Since its U.S. debut in 2004, Tous Les Jours has experienced rapid growth through franchising. Although the brand opened a modest 5-6 stores annually through 2020, the pace quickened in 2021 with over ten new storefronts each year. Over 90% of these stores are franchises, registering an impressive 20% uptick in daily sales year-on-year. Furthermore, half of these franchisees are multi-store operators, attesting to the brand's profitability.

This unwavering expansion pace in the U.S. resonates seamlessly with Tous Les Jours' stellar financial metrics. Post its 2018 milestone of being CJ Foodville's inaugural overseas subsidiary to secure consistent profitability, the brand has sustained this trajectory for five consecutive years. The first half of the current year witnessed sales growth of 50%, and a staggering 250% rise in operating profits.

Solidifying its Reputation as the Quintessential "Global Bakery Brand" in North America and Diverse Regions including Indonesia and Vietnam.

A spokesperson for CJ Foodville articulated, "The inauguration of our 100th U.S. store heralds a vibrant phase for Tous Les Jours' international endeavors. Our commitment remains strong to elevate the K-Bakery brand globally, with a keen eye on initiating a state-of-the-art U.S. production facility later this year."

Since its international debut in the U.S. in 2004, Tous Les Jours has made significant inroads in 26 states, encompassing regions like LA, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, concentrating on strategic commercial districts and becoming a brand recognized by the locals. The brand has set its sights on enhancing its footprint to 120 stores by year's end and envisions a sprawling network of 1,000 stores across the U.S. by 2030.

Moreover, by branching out to countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam, Tous Les Jours now boasts approximately 380 global stores. The brand's proactive global outreach has solidified its stature as a universally admired "Global Bakery Brand."