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CJ Logistics to become the first company to introduce 5G into its logistics center... Speed expected to increase by 1000 times


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▶ CJ Logistics will be collaborating with CJ OliveNetworks to establish a 5G-dedicated network named 'Ieum-5G' at the Icheon 2 Fulfillment Center, which is scheduled to open in May. It is the first logistics center to be equipped with this specialized 5G network.

CJ Logistics, an innovative technology company, has established the first-ever 5G-dedicated network at its logistics center. With wireless network speeds 1,000 times faster than before, the company is increasing productivity and pioneering the industry in the era of Smart Logistics 4.0.

CJ Logistics announced on the 20th that they have collaborated with CJ OliveNetworks to establish the first-ever 5G-dedicated network, called 'Ieum 5G,' at the Icheon 2 Fulfillment Center, scheduled to open in May.

In collaboration with CJ OliveNetworks, CJ builds 'Ieum-5G', a 5G specialized network throughout the entire space of the 'Icheon 2 Fulfillment Center'

Ieum-5G is a service through which companies or institutions, rather than mobile network operators, directly allocate 5G frequencies to buildings or factories and construct base stations for on-site utilization. Some of its special features include ultra-fast speed, ultra-low latency, and ultra-high density.

Most logistics centers use Wi-Fi for their wireless network connection. However, Wi-Fi has been identified as one of the factors that hinder productivity in logistics centers due to frequency channel interference and speed delays. In collaboration with CJ OliveNetworks, the operator of Ieum-5G, CJ Logistics has designed the infrastructure of the entire Icheon 2 Fulfillment Center with the Ieum-5G environment.

Previously, in August of last year, CJ OliveNetworks obtained approval from the Ministry of Science and ICT for a "Frequency Allocation for 5th Generation Mobile Communication (5G) Specialized Network" and "Registration for Change of Telecommunications Service Provider." This marked the start of its full-scale efforts for the Ieum-5G business. In particular, they are actively exploring the 5G market, with a focus on smart logistics, entertainment, and the media industry.

Reduced use of infrastructure equipment compared to the existing Wi-Fi environment, with speeds increased by up to 1000 times... enhanced productivity in logistics centers

The newly constructed 39,669 square meters 2P Fulfillment Center in Icheon will be equipped with 10 blocks of 5G frequencies ranging from 4.72GHz to 4.82GHz. As the 5G specialized network utilizes dedicated frequencies, there is no channel interference. The wireless network speed is also expected to be 1,000 times faster than that of traditional Wi-Fi, leading to increased productivity in the logistics center. With a radio wave coverage area more than three times larger than conventional Wi-Fi, the quantity of wireless network equipment is also reduced, making infrastructure management more convenient.

The newly established "Ieum-5G" network will initially be used for the wireless terminals used by workers, who typically use PDAs or tablets to perform tasks such as box scanning, order picking, and inventory management in logistics centers. With the implementation of the 5G specialized network and the introduction of 5G dedicated terminals, not only will work speeds improve compared to the existing Wi-Fi environment, but managing and processing logistics data is also expected to become more convenient. Both companies plan to expand the scope of Ieum-5G application to include robots, equipment, CCTV, and more following a pilot implementation on wireless terminals.

"When it comes to fulfillment centers where we incorporate advanced technologies, such as transportation robots and AI, a seamless network environment is essential. We hope that the launch of Ieum-5G will become a stepping stone for further collaborations for cutting-edge logistics technologies so that we may be able to provide better services to consumers," explained Ryu Sang-chun, Head of IT Solutions at CJ Logistics.

"We find it significant that our first Ieum-5G project is a CJ Logistics Fulfillment Center. We will continue to introduce unparalleled technologies that drive logistics innovation through ongoing collaboration," added Lee Joo-young, Head of DT1 at CJ OliveNetworks.