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CJ Group donates 5 million KRW to Gangneung wildfire relief efforts


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On the 17th, CJ Group, headed by chairman Lee Jay-hyun, announced that it would donate 500 million KRW to restore the massive amount of damage caused by wildfires to the Gangneung area in Gangwon-do.

The donation money will be delivered through the National Disaster Relief Association and will be used for emergency livelihood support and restoration of various damaged sites in Gangneung, which has been declared a special disaster area.

A CJ official said, “We've decided to donate money, however small, to help the residents suffering from the loss of their homes due to an unforeseen fire disaster. In addition to the monetary donation, we will also continue to provide various kinds of support using the group's multifarious infrastructure to help them recover from the damage and return to normalcy as soon as possible.”

CJ Group continues to carry out relief activities based on its management philosophy of “growing together with local communities,” including donating money and goods whenever a disaster occurs in South Korea, such as in the cases of 2019’s Gangwon-do wildfire, 2020's torrential rains in Gyeongnam and Jeonnam and last year's East Coast wildfire.