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CJ Freshway supports the production of “The Korean Meal Tray,” imparting K-food-service know-how abroad


CJ Freshway supports the production of The Korean Meal Tray imparting K-food-service know-how abroad

▶ Panelists being taped for a TV show at Greenteria, an in-house cafeteria in CJ Freshway’s head office in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. From the left: Joohoney of Monsta X, Nam Chang-hee, Hong Jin-gyeong, chef Lee Yeon-bok, Huh gyeong-hwan and nutritionist Kim Min-ji.

CJ Freshway participated in a variety program promoting high-quality K-food-service culture to people around the world

CJ Freshway has announced that it has supported the production of JTBC's weekend entertainment TV show “The Korean Meal Tray.” CJ Freshway's plan is to showcase excellent food service capabilities that can satisfy the diverse tastes and demands of people around the world by linking interest in K-food with the field of food service.

Since the airing of its first episode last week, The Korean Meal Tray, which runs under the unique theme of “a K-food-service journey abroad,” has garnered a great response from viewers. The show has a storyline in which a corps of celebrity chefs led by Lee Yeon-bok, also known as the Korean godfather of cooking, fly to various places overseas with meal trays, providing delicious meals to prestigious schools and global companies, including the U.K.'s Wolverhampton club where Hwang Hee-chan plays, thereby spreading high-quality Korean food service culture around the world.

For this program, CJ Freshway is tasked with passing on the know-how of operating a cafeteria and cooking group meals to the cast. Through the program, CJ Freshway plans to communicate with potential customers of various ages who watch it, including the Millennials and Gen Z users, who are the main customer base for school and office cafeterias.

CJ Freshway to provide food service solutions, such as mass-cooking know-how and menus customized for foreigners

In the show’s second episode, which is scheduled to air on April 1, CJ Freshway's catering expert, chef Oh Kwang-hoon, will appear and present a meal service solution. In the much-anticipated episode, the chef will propose a high-quality meal service menu guaranteed to captivate the taste buds of people around the world and reveal various pieces of knowhow courtesy of a dedicated group food service company, including how to use personalized meal service products made of pre-processed and semi-cooked food ingredients, and mass-cooking techniques used to prepare meals for hundreds or even thousands of people within a limited time.

CJ Freshway plans to showcase various events by making use of the show's content elements. Plus, starting today, a comment event will be run on the Instagram page of its school meal brand “Teun Teun School" to mark the airing of the show's first episode, and you can also view the event on CJ Freshway's official Instagram account. In addition, as the show progresses, CJ Freshway also plans to hold various promotions, such as presenting menu items that have already been introduced into the global market at food service establishments and giving prizes to consumers who purchase related food materials.

A CJ Freshway official said, "We passed on our know-how in cooking food service meals and providing food service so that the cast members, who’ll go on a food service journey abroad, can successfully complete their missions in any environment. We expect the show to serve as an opportunity to show many viewers around the world the professional food service consulting capabilities CJ Freshway has accumulated through our experience in operating numerous types of services at some 600 business sites across South Korea, including offices, business establishments, and leisure locations.”

JTBC's weekend entertainment TV show “The Korean Meal Tray” premiered on the 25th. It airs every Saturday at 7:10 pm and can be watched on TVING as well.